MECHANIC Clamping technique

To complete our UNILOCK system, we also offer Mechanic clamping systems for different applications. 
In this way, more multiple clamping and mounting possibilities arise for a better support of customers needs.

The Mechanical clamping systems program includes vices of the new generation as well as modular and universal clamping systems for a flexible fixture construction:

Firstclamp is used for raw materials and for clamping of small parts.
  • Type 1: Width 34mm, Clamping length 0-120mm
  • Type 2: Width 50mm, Clamping length 0-145mm

UNICLAMP is a multiple clamping system and can be used for small and large parts. This system can be mounted on grid plates and is expandable to any possible clamping length.
  • Type 1: Width 40mm, Length 100mm
  • Type 2: Width 40mm, Length 400mm
  • Type 3: Width 40mm, Length 585mm

UNIVICE vices can be used for universal fixtures requirements.
  • Type 1 UNIVICE Precision: Width 125mm, Clamping length 0-301mm or Width 160mm, 
    Clamping length 0-402mm
  • Type 2 UNIVICE Compact: Width 125mm, Clamping length 0-301mm                                         
  • Type 3 UNIVICE Compact 5S: Width 125mm, Jaw program for 5-side processing
  • Type 4 UNIVICE Syncro: Width 99mm, Clamping length 0-210mm, centric or Width 99mm,
    Clamping length 0-120mm, Fixed-jaw-clamping.