UNIVICE Clamping Vices

Clamping Vices Variations
Vice Heightenings
To complete the UNILOCK chuck system, we also offer mechanical clamping systems for different applications. This leads to versatile mounting options that meet your customer needs even better.

UNIVICE machine vises are operated mechanically and are suitable for every range of parts. From raw materials to high-precision machining part different vise models are offered. A large baking program enables the most flexible applications.

UNIVICE Machine vise

The power transmission high-pressure machine vises as well as single and centric clamps can be used on tooling machines, machining centres, 5-axis machines and other milling- and boring machines.


The solid UNIVICE machine vises combine the following features:
  • Stable body made of ductil cast iron GJS-600
  • Large spans through the use of step jaws as well as step rails for clicking in
  • Mechanic-hydraulic spindle, completely encapsulated, wear-resistant and maintenance-free (no threads in chips area)
  • Convincing quick-adjustment of the clamping span
  • Compact design, constant length for machining centers
  • Mounting holes Drm. 25H7 for holding UNILOCK clamping knobs