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Every UNILOCK zero-point clamping chuck has been developed for a special application to manage different needs in an efficient way.

Years of experience in the zero-point clamping section and the enthusiasm for clamping technique in general are reflected in our products. The UNILOCK family has been designed and developed as a system from the very beginning. In addition to the individual clamping chucks our construction department can develop you special clamping- and fixture solutions. Our engineering know-how in this area is valued and demanded worldwide.


The powerful, solid UNILOCK clamping knob is classified as the key element of the range and has become a standard norm in the zero-point clamping technique through the years.

The media-free, self-locking clamping station disposes over a very high, force-locking contact area. The conical part of the short taper is centered itself and allows an easy retraction.

Free-of-play, force conclusive centering and repeatability of <0.003mm in optimum conditions shape the character of UNILOCK. A major advantage in comparison to different competitors products is the form-locking device and the holding force of 50000N (statically) by fixing with a M12 clamping screw.