UNILOCK Clamping system

Each UNILOCK chuck was developed for a specific application, to be used efficiently for different requirements.

Our many years of experience in zero-point clamping and our enthusiasm for clamping technology in general, are visible in our products. The UNILOCK family was designed compatible since its beginning and was always developed further as a system.

The powerful, stable UNILOCK Clamping knob is the central element of this product range and has evolved over the years to become a standard in the zero-point clamping technology.  

UNILOCK is a media-free, self-locking clamping system with a very high power absorbing contact area ratio. The conical pull-down of the short cone is self-centering and supports an easy moving-in. A play-free, power-closed centering as well as a repeatability of <0.003mm by use under perfect conditions is caractarizing this Zero-point clamping system.

A big advantage in comparison with various competition products are the perfect form-locking and a retention force of 50'000N (static) by fixation with an M12 Clamping screw. 

In addition to all actual Clamping chucks our development department also creates your special clamping- or device solution. Our engineering know-how in this part is world wide appreciated and enquired.