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For manual clamping technology, there have always been requirements to develop clamping solutions for automated systems. Over time, our automation range has expanded beyond automation clamping chucks to robot and pallet interfaces.

The automation requires previous knowledge and the highest manufacturing know-how which we use both to advise our customers optimally. We use our experience in heavy-duty machining to develop powerful and strong components for automation as well.


For a solid use, these chucks are provided with high-precision, play-free clamping rings made out of hardened steel or they offer a support ring as an addition to System 40 clamping knobs . This guarantees a low-wear operation.

Depending on the application, clamping chucks are available for smaller or larger workpieces and pallets. With clamping chucks in special design, it is also possible to handle plate sizes over 1 meter and weights of up to 20 tons.