UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system

The UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system was developed specially for 5-side operation. Due to its modular assembly possibility and the big chuck range, this system can individually be configured for many different applications and can always be combined new. The combination possibilities are limitless!

The wide range of base and assembly chucks as well as raiser items and accessories guarantee the realization of different clamping heights, the docking on interfaces and the machining of complex work pieces. UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping systems can be mounted on T-slot tables, grid-hole-systems as well as directly on machine tables. By creating the UNILOCK 5-axis clamping system it was important to ensure a continuous interface with all UNILOCK chucks for a permanently safe and easy working process.

System Features
  • Interfering-edge-free 5-side operation
  • Modular assembly guarantees highest flexibility
  • Interfaces to established systems
  • Variably fixation possibilities for work pieces
  • Form-locking connection between work piece and clamping system
  • Work pieces are easily positioned over threads or pass fits
  • Zero point is transferred to the work piece
  • Highest clamping force of the chucks
  • Highest repeatability <0.005 mm


The mold industry represents the largest customer base for the UNILOCK 5-Axis system. We offer individual consulting for your clamping requirements. Save yourself from unnecessary set-ups and take your step to fly high. Your machine manufacturers have already tested our system.