UNILOCK 5-Axis Spannsystem '25'

The UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system '25' was developed specially for 5-side operation of small work pieces. To connect the system '25' with the work pieces, an UNILOCK Camping knob with a diameter of 25mm has been developed. With this range the Standard UNILOCK 5-Axis System can be enlarged in its height and the interface can be downsized as well. There are no limits in combination possibilities!

System Features
  • Interfering-edge-free 5-side operation
  • Modular assembly guarantees highest flexibility
  • Interfaces to established systems
  • Variably fixation possibilities for work pieces
  • Form-locking connection between work piece and clamping system
  • Work pieces are easily positioned over threads or pass fits
  • Zero point is transferred to the work piece
  • Highest clamping force of the chucks
  • Highest repeatability <0.005 mm
  • The System '25' range is made out of stainless steel


The mold industry represents the largest customer base for the UNILOCK 5-Axis system. We offer individual consulting for your clamping requirements. Save yourself from unnecessary set-ups and take your step to fly high.