UNILOCK 5-Axis System 25

Clamping Chucks
Height Adjustment
Clamping Knobs System 25
The UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system series 25 was specially developed for the 5-sided machining of small workpieces.
In order to be able to fasten these optimally, the proven UNILOCK clamping knob with a diameter of 25mm was designed.
With this system series, the standard UNILOCK 5-Axis system can be widened in height and reduced in size to the interface. There are no limits to the possible combinations!

The wide range of base chucks, add-on chucks , elevations and accessories guarantees the realization of different heights, docking at interfaces and the machining of complex workpieces. UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping systems can be mounted on T-slot tables, perforated grid systems and directly on machine tables. The UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system has also been designed to guarantee a continuous interface with all UNILOCK clamping chucks .


The UNILOCK 5-Axis zero point clamping system System 25 impresses with its flexibility and combines the following features:
  • Interference-free 5-sided machining
  • Modular design guarantees maximum flexibility
  • Interfaces to the common systems
  • Variable attachment of workpieces
  • Workpiece is positively connected to the clamping system
  • Workpiece is simply positioned over thread or interface fit
  • Zero point is transmitted to the workpiece
  • High clamping force of the chucks
  • Very high repeatability <0,005mm
  • The System 25 series is completely made of stainless material