UNILOCK 5-Axis Clamping system 'FLEX'

In past, not even-lined surfaces could only be clamped safely with a high compensation effort. We wanted to reduce this effort and developed a completely new Clamping equipment especially for this problem. 

UNILOCK FLEX is a Clamping equipment to fix work pieces with uneven surface or a work piece holder to a ground plate or more particularly a machine table.

These work pieces should be clamped safely and wraping-free. Our UNILOCK FLEX gives this safe and torsion-free clamping possibility with the help of the UNILOCK FLEX Clamping ball!


If work pieces with uneven surfaces are clamped with UNILOCK FLEX, they only need a thread or a bore hole for mounting the UNILOCK FLEX Clamping ball. System vice, three clamping interfaces are recommended. Flame-cut parts, Casting or Pressure casting parts are perfect work piece examples.

UNILOCK FLEX can additionally be positioned as a compensation on work pieces or work piece holders due to the possibility for adjusting the height position of the work piece part.

Your machine manufacturers have already tested our system.