UNICLAMP Multiple clamping system

The universal UNICLAMP Clamping system offers highest repeatability due to its precision toothing. Small Base rails of only 40mm width, a support height of 60mm and three different rail lengths were chosen in order to achieve maximum flexibility in the clamping operation with a short set-up time.


UNICLAMP Base rails

UNICLAMP Base rails are used on devices and grid plates with grids 40mm or 50mm. With a wide assortment of jaws any kind of work pieces with different requirements can be clamped. The hardened and grinded Base rails have different mounting holes for fitting screws M12x30 and pass holes dia. 12-F7. The scope of delivery includes fitting screws as well as screw cover plugs.

Ident. No. Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm)  Grid (mm)
Base rail 100/40
 99 4060  40
Base rail 100/50
 99 4060 50
Base rail 400
 399 4060 40/50
Base rail 585
 585 4060 40/50

UNICLAMP Base-clamping-unit

UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units are available in plain or groove version. This hardened and grinded units have a precision toothing to be assembled on UNICLAMP Base rails. There scope of delivery includes Quick-change-jaws with mounting holes to mount top jaws and work piece supports as well as screws and slot nuts.

Ident. No.Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm) 
Base-clamping-unit, plain
 70 4054
Base-clamping-unit, grooved
 70 40 54

UNICLAMP Quick-change-jaw

The hardened and grinded UNICLAMP Quick-change-jaws are available in plain or grooved version. These jaws are tensile and have mounting holes to mount top jaws and work piece supports.  

Ident. No. Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm) 
Quick-change-jaw, plain
 40 4054
Quick-change-jaw, grooved
 40 40 54

UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaw

The hardened and grinded UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws are available with a plain or grooved clamping surface. Due to their precision toothing these jaws can be mounted perfectly on UNICLAMP Base rails. Their mounting holes can be used to assemble top jaws and work piece supports.
Ident. No. Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm) 
Stop-base-jaw, plain
 70 4054
Stop-base-jaw, grooved
 70 40 54

UNICLAMP Low-clamper

UNICLAMP Low-clamper consist of a clamping jaw and a stop jaw. This clamper is designed as a short construction with precision toothing to gain more flexibility for different applications.
Ident. No. Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm) 
Low-clamper UCL TSP
 54 4121
Low-clamper stop-jaw UCL TSE
 40 40 21
UC600.038  Low-clamper jaw kit UCL TSB  - - -

UNICLAMP Clamping jaws

For fixation on UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units or UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws, different Clamping jaws are available. Depending on each application, the best fitting Clamping jaw can be selected.
Ident. No. Description Length (mm)  Width (mm)  Height (mm) 
Top jaw pair, soft UCL UWB
 10 4054
Groove jaw pair, hard UCL UHB
 8 40 54
UC600.023 Prism jaw, hard UCL UHP  8 40 54

UNICLAMP Accessories

For a more efficient use of the UNICLAMP Multiple clamping system, different accessories are offered. This accessory range includes work piece stops, work piece supports, slot nuts, clamping wedges, springs, screws as well as screw covers.

UNICLAMP Work piece stop

The UNICLAMP Work piece stop is used for positioning of work pieces on UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units and UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws. It's scope of delivery includes a mounting screw and stop pins for UNICLAMP Low-clampers.

Ident. No.  Description
 Work piece stop

UNICLAMP Work piece support

The hardened and grinded UNICLAMP work piece supports with a thickness of 6mm are in pairs available for different support heights. They are used for fixation on UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units or UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws.

Ident. No.  Description
 Work piece support kit (6pcs) 40*36,5 to 51,5mm (WxH)
UC600.015 Work piece support pair 40*36,5mm (WxH)
UC600.016 Work piece support pair 40*39,5mm (WxH)
 Work piece support pair 40*42,5mm (WxH)
 Work piece support pair 40*45,5mm (WxH)
 Work piece support pair 40*48,5mm (WxH)
 Work piece support pair 40*51,5mm (WxH)

UNICLAMP Precision T-Slot nut

The hardened and on the side grinded UNICLAMP Combi T-Slot nut is used for positioning and 
fixation of UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units and UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws on UNICLAMP Base rails.

Ident. No.  Description
Precision T-Slot nut

UNICLAMP T-Slot nut 

This hardened and on the side grinded UNICLAMP T-Slot nut is used for positioning and fixation of UNICLAMP Low-clamper jaws and UNICLAMP Low-clamper stop-jaws on UNICLAMP Base rails.

Ident. No.  Description
 T-Slot nut

UNICLAMP Pass shoulder screw

UNICLAMP Pass shoulder screw M12x30mm is used for positioning and fixation of UNICLAMP 
Base rails on gridhole- as well as device plates.

Ident. No.  Description
Pass shoulder screw M12x30mm

UNICLAMP Cover plug

UNICLAMP Cover plugs are used to protect Pass shoulder screws and open bore holes of UNICLAMP Base rails against chips and coolant water wear.

Ident. No.  Description
 Cover plug incl. O-ring for Base rails

UNICLAMP Cover plate

UNICLAMP Cover plates are replacement parts for UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units.

Ident. No.  Description
 Cover plate 

UNICLAMP Clamping wedge

UNICLAMP Clamping wedges are replacement parts for UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units.

Ident. Nr.  Description
 Clamping wedge

UNICLAMP Countersunk screw

The UNICLAMP Countersunk screw is used to assemble the Cover plate on
UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units.

Ident. No.  Description
 Cuntersunk screw

UNICLAMP Clamping screw pair

UNICLAMP Clamping screw M12x55mm is used for fixation of UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units, UNICLAMP Stop-base-jaws, UNICLAMP Low-clamper jaws as well as UNICLAMP Low-clamper stop-jaws.

Ident. No.  Description
 Clamping screw pair M12x55mm
UC600.035  Clamping screw pair M12x25mm

UNICLAMP Spring ring

The UNICLAMP spring ring is a replacement part for UNICLAMP Base-clamping-units.

Ident. No.  Description
 Spring ring