TOOLSET Indicator measuring system

The TOOLSET Indicator system with its two-axis indicator has a slipstick-free mounted mechanism for minimum measuring compressions. A big and turnable 2-Axis display, designed for latest technical requirements, is mounted on the back side of the TOOLSET and offers best operation comfort. All measuring values are represented clearly, due to its perfect illumination.

TOOLSET Indicator measuring system types

Ident. No.Description Spindle Measurment diameter
Measurment length
TS110.200TOOLSET TS 240ISO 40220mm360mm
TS110.201TOOLSET TS 250 ISO 50220mm 360mm
TS110.202TOOLSET TS 241ISO 40220mm 460mm
TS110.203TOOLSET TS 251ISO 50220mm 460mm
TS110.220 TOOLSET TS 252  ISO 50  220mm  560mm 
TS110.221 TOOLSET TS 253 ISO 50220mm660mm
TS110.204TOOLSET TS 450ISO 50410mm 460mm
TS110.205TOOLSET TS 451ISO 50410mm 560mm
TS110.206TOOLSET TS 452ISO 50410mm 660mm

TOOLSET Indicator dimensions

TOOLSET Indicator measuring system printer

The TOOLSET display includes an outgoing RS232 port for connecting a DYMO Label printer SE450. Printing is possible via a simple press of a display button.