TOOLSET Camera measuring system

TOOLSET Camera measuring systems are provided with a high precision Camera and a generously 5,7" LCD Touch display. The Camera picture shows a fix haircross and all common measuring possibilities like angle-, radius- and lenth-measurements. Up to 99 reference points (base- or reduction settings) can be organized in the TOOLSET display. If needed, Measuring datas can be transferred to an external Computer over an USB Exit port.

TOOLSET Camera measuring system types

Ident. No.Description Spindle  Measuring diameter
Measuring length 
TS110.207TOOLSET TSC 240ISO 40180mm360mm
TS110.208TOOLSET TSC 250ISO 50180mm 360mm
TS110.209TOOLSET TSC 241ISO 40180mm 455mm
TS110.210TOOLSET TSC 251ISO 50180mm 455mm
TS110.211TOOLSET TSC 450ISO 50360mm 455mm
TS110.212TOOLSET TSC 451ISO 50360mm 550mm
TS110.213TOOLSET TSC 452ISO 50360mm 645mm

TOOLSET Camera dimensions

TOOLSET Camera measuring system printer

TOOLSET Display is supported with an USB Exit port for the connection of a DYMO Lable Printer LW450. The print-out is possible over a simple click on the display button "Print".