Tool Types
TOOLFIX Assembly systems offer maximum ease of operation with their unique clamping system. They have ideal ergonomics through 45° adapter division with automatic locking of the used tool. This guarantees maximum safety for the operator and tool.

TOOLFIX Assembly systems are a must for the modern assembly shop!

The TOOLFIX Vario version includes a fast-change-lock for exchanging different kind of adapter types by only using one base unit. From stock, almost all common tool adapter types such as ISO, VDI, INDEX-VDI, HSK forms A-F, CAPTO, WFB and KM are available for insertion into the TOOLFIX Vario body. In addition, we offer the service of producing also your TOOLFIX Special adapter for your specific tool type.

The TOOLFIX unit can be fastened easy and simple to a work-bench or a tool cabinet. It can be fixed from the top with 4*M10 screws (threaded inserts in the table) and also from the bottom with 4*M12 screws (length of the screws depends on the thickness of the table).