TOOLFIX Function

TOOLFIX Assembly system consists of a base unit and an adaptor as desired. The system is divided into two versions, the TOOLFIX MONO with fix mounted adaptor and the TOOLFIX VARIO with exchangeable adaptor. 

The big golden button on the top of the base unit operates the TOOLFIX swivel function. On the TOOLFIX VARIO base unit there is in addition a smaller golden button on the side which operates the changing function for adaptors. Depending on the adaptor type, clamping fingers or clamping levers are used to fix and secure the tool into the adaptor shaft. Against tool rotation in the adapter shaft, indexing pins are provided.

TOOLFIX Swivel function

The tool can be swiveled into the ideal set-up position by pressure on the locking bolt. The tool can have eight 45-degree divisions. Devision locking is carried out automatically. On inquired also special types with a higher division can be produced.

TOOFIX Adaptor
The tool is automatically secured when placed in the adaptor. The clamping fingers can be adjusted to suit the given type of tool and function. (MAS-BT/ANSI/DIN). Only a withdrawal of the bolt will release the tool.

For heavy tools at first turn the tool in a horizontal position, pull the bolt and turn right. The bolt will be secured. Now with both hands the tool can put out of the TOOLFIX. To put the bolt into the starting position, turn left.

TOOLFIX Assembling 

The TOOLFIX unit can be fastened to a work-bench or a tool cabinet. The TOOLFIX can be fixed from the top with 4*M10 screws (with threaded inserts in the table) and also from the bottom with 4*M12 screws (the length of the screws depends on the thickness of the table).