"ROC" The brand

Using our ROC Mineral cast technology, we are producing high precision clamping towers, clamping pallets, grid towers, grid pallets as well as customized items. A production process devised according to newest technological requirements and a modern, air-conditioned production hall guarantees highest quality products.

Advantages with ROC Mineral casting
  • Excellent attenuation-attributes (6-10 times better then Grey iron)
  • Low thermal conductivity, ROC® Mineral cast is reacting very slowly to temperature changes
  • Chemically and mechanically resistant against aggressive as well as abrasive medias
  • No corrosion
  • Design independence for creating any forms
  • Possibility to integrate inserts like heavy-anchors, air or hydraulic parts
  • Very little specific weight, lighter then aluminum
  • Pleasant surface, no paintwork necessary
  • About 30% lifetime increase of machining tools

Please note that ROC Mineral cast is heaving a low tensile- and impact strength, but with a suitable design we improve this characteristics.

Comparison values

Mineral cast
Gray iron Steel
kg/dm^3 2.3 7.157.85
Modulus of elasticity
kN/mm^ 2  30-40 80-140 210
Tensile strength N/mm^ 2  15-20 100-450 400-1600
Compressive strength N/mm^ 2
 100-120 600-1000 250-1200
Flexural strength
N/mm^ 2 25-30250-490 -
% ca. 0.3 0.003 0.002
Thermal conductivity
W/m*K 1.3-2 50 50
Middle specific heat capacity
ca. 1 0.5 0.5
Thermal coefficient of expansion
my/m/° 14-16 1112
Linear shrinkage after demolding 0/00  (ca.) 0.3 --