ROC Mineral cast products

We use the ROC mineral cast technology mainly in our Clamping technology. We optimize and produce the following products with ROC Mineral cast:
  • UNILOCK Clamping towers
  • innotool austria Grid clamping towers
  • innotool austria Grid clamping pallets
  • innotool austria ROC vice heightenings

ROC Fillings

As an additional plus we offer our customers ROC Fillings from Automation Clamping pallets to manual Clamping stations and devices. All clamping pallets and devices can be manufactured as light as possible and filled up with ROC Mineral cast. Reachable advantages in the handling for your machining center or robot are:
  • reduced weight
  • outstanding attenuation-characteristics 
  • highest stability
  • avoidance of chip nests
Threaded inserts or other construction elements can be potted in the pallets. Pneumatic pipes are with help of Mineral cast safely covered and completely airtight.

ROC Customized items

Our ROC Mineral cast production is designed for producing economical, customized forms and casts also for small production series. We are very flexible in creating varied sizes of castings up to 1000*1000mm or approximately 500kg as a standard. 

We gladly provide our Know-how in this area for maximizing your constructions. We look forward to giving you advice on the use of ROC Mineral cast technology for your own components and to show you possible cost-reducing potential.