UNILOCK robot- / pallet interfaces

Two different Interface systems have been developed for pallet-changing with the help of robots. Robot interface 105-65-RK3 as sleeve adaptor and robot interface RK5 as Clamping knob adaptor. Both UNILOCK Robot interfaces can be adapted to the most common robot interfaces. RK3 is using a one-bolt system and can be used for pallets with a weight to mac. 500kg. RK5 is developed specially for heavy-lift components and is designed with a strong two-bolt system.

RK3 robot and pallet interface

RK5 robot and pallet interface

UNILOCK robot interface types

Ident. No.  Description
AFM 105-65-RK3, Assembly clamping chuck robot interface, incl. 2 precise pin- / indexing bushes 10mm
RK5 Robot interface 190*65mm, hardened for heavy-duty pallets

Every UNILOCK Robot interface has its own pallet interface. In most cases applications are very specific that we develop pallet interfaces after customers requirements.

UNILOCK pallet interface types

Ident. No.  Description
 PKV 105-65, pallet interface compl. for AFM 105-65-RK3
 PVK 5 pallet interface 190*65mm, hardened for heavy-duty pallets