UNILOCK Positioning kit

The UNILOCK 5-Axis Positioning kit is made for precise, grid free positioning of UNILOCK 5-Axis Base chucks on the machine table.

The UNILOCK 5-Axis Positioning kit can be fixed with the upper screw (S 1) in a Weldon chuck with Dia. 25mm (ISO 40, ISO 50, HSK forms). 

The second screw (S 2) remains loose. By driving into the 5-Axis Base chuck, the Clamping knob can deflect for 2-3mm. 

In addition, an O-Ring of 5mm wall thickness serves as a damper.

The scope of delivery includes one Centering clamping knob as well as a screw with o-ring.

This Positioning kit is also available for collet chucks dia. 12mm. The assembly way for this version is quite similar, only the single parts are different then shown in the picture on this site.

Ident. No. Description
 5-Axis Positioning kit for Weldon chuck 25mm65mmM10x70mm
UL800.1465-Axis Positioning kit for Collet chuck dia. 12mm
 12mm - -