MAGNET Pole extensions


Magnet pole extensions are generally divided into fixed and mobile pole extensions. Fixed and mobile pole extensions on square-pole clamping systems allow the clamping of wavy and warped metal parts. They adapt to the workpiece and keep it safe. The individual points of contact between magnetic chuck and workpiece can be defined individually. Single points of contact between the magnet clamping plate and the work piece can be defined individually. As a result the drilling and machining of inner edges is possible on magnetically clamped work pieces. Additional pole extensions can be mounted quickly or interfering ones removed. Like that each work piece has its individual fixture in no time.

For fa 5-side machining the work piece can be set free with the help of pole extensions. Complex structures for hard to clamp work pieces can be added into the magnetic active surface with pole plates. They protect the magnet clamping plate from wear and damage. 

Pole extensions are made out of high-quality steel and have best magnet fluency characteristics. They are technically perfect and long-lasting.


  • Vibration-free operation and clamping of work pieces
  • Protection for the magnet clamping plate
  • Flexible in the mounting height
  • Interfering contours free milling and drill through is possible
  • No vacuum adhesion between magnet clamping plate and workpiece
  • Easy removal of the work piece also with high-alloyed / hardened materials.

MAGNET Pole extension fixed 

Fixed pole extensions are used to specify the three-point contact when used in combination with mobile pole extensions or to fix stiff and even materials in a high position. By using a full equipped magnet clamping plate with fixed pole extensions, the plate is protected from wear and defects. Pole extensions can be re-milled again and again, in case they are damaged.

MAGNET Pole extension types, fix and round

Ident. No. DescriptionDia. (mm)Height(mm)
PVR 50 H325032 +/- 0,01
UL100.016PVR 50 H15
50 15 +/- 0,01
UL100.017PVR 70 H45
7045 +/- 0,01
UL100.018PVR 70 H207020 +/- 0,01

MAGNET Pole extension types, fix and square

Ident. No. DescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
PVR 50 H5450 5054 +/- 0,01
UL100.018PVR 50 H32
50  5032 +/- 0,01
UL100.019PVR 50 H15
50 5015 +/- 0,01
UL100.058PVR 70 H70707070 +/- 0,01
UL100.020PVR 70 H45
707045 +/- 0,01
UL100.059PVR 70 H20707020 +/- 0,01

MAGNET Pole extension mobile

Mobile pole extensions are used to clamp work pieces on their complete surface area without warping them. Due to the power of the magnet field, the bouncing, embedded upper part of the mobile pole extensions puts itself on the work piece and stabilizes it by turning on the power, without pulling the workpiece down. Especially for operating extensive and large parts, the clamping on magnet clamping plates with mobile pole extensions has been proven. 

Mobile pole extensions with a square design are screwed down the the magnet clamping plate by using an Allen wrench. The surface is sandblasted and electrolytically plated.

MAGNET Pole extension types, mobile

Ident. No. DescriptionFor pole size Length (mm)
WidthHeight (mm)
MP 50 H 325050 50 32 (-3/+3)
UL100.022MP 70 H 45
70/7570 7045 (-4,5/+5,5)

MAGNET Pole extensions RMP

RMP pole extensions are simply screwed down to the magnet clamping plate by hand over a turned thread-stud (M8x10mm). The surface of the RMP pole extension is fully machined and chemically nickel plated. The magnetic performance is compared to square standard pole extensions higher by about 20%. The closed construction design prevents the penetration of dirt and chips. The round design generates an only vertical hub. The clamping surface is sandblasted to increase the friction of the RMP.

MAGNET Pole extension types RMP

Ident. No. DescriptionFor pole sizeDia. (mm)
Height (mm)
RMP 7870/7550 45 (-5/+2,5)
UL100.024RMP 57
507032 (-2,5/+2,5)