TOOLSET Measuring system

TOOLSET Measuring systems have a solid measuring column and a strong base, made out ​​of mineral cast which ensures an extraordinary stability as well as best temperature resistance for accuracy of repeatability. Due to the innotool austria easy-run-system, the measuring axes can be moved simply and rapidly by single hand.

High-precision measuring scales, solid guide rails and a measuring electronic after newest standards are simplifying the measuring operation and ensuring maximum security. As tool holders the TOOLSET Measuring system offers spindles with ISO 50 and ISO 40 as well as reductions on it for all kind of tool types. 

Two versions are available as a standard. A mechanical version with indicator for easier measuring operations and a version with camera for more ambitious measuring methods.

Technology Meets Design

In the designing process of our TOOLSET Measuring systems, harmonic forms were in focus. These systems fits into every work shop. The used material ROC Mineral cast for the base and the measurement column gives a warm and pleasant character.