MAGNET Clamping technique

For the milling of medium and large work pieces, the square pole-magnet technology has proven worldwide as one of the best clamping techniques. 

Extremely short set-up times as well as a vibration- and interference-free clamping are only some reasons for its use in the fine mechanics area to the ship building industry.

  • Vibration-free working and clamping of work pieces
  • Fast and secure clamping of uneven parts
  • Equal clamping force over the entire surface, without warping the work piece
  • Five-side machining without crash risk
  • Full use of the machine travel ways
  • Minimal set-up times
  • Fast and accurate plane-parallel milling 
  • Clamping of uneven welding constructions in no time
  • Fast assembly of individual, magnetic clamping chucks
  • Equal retention force in all directions due to square pole technique