UNILOCK Clamping knob function

The UNILOCK Clamping knob presents the connection between the work piece and Clamping chuck and is available in different versions for different applications. Since 1996, the UNILOCK Clamping knob is designed steady and compatible. Its function is to guarantee strongest gripping forces, unmatched stability and operational security.

1 Taper planar support
High-precision taper planar support for a high, form-locking and low wear power transmission. This high taper-to taper contact ratio is able to provide high repeatable accuracies of <0.005mm over long term utilization. (Some Clamping knobs achieve repeatability accuracies of <0.001mm).

2 Locking surface
A massive contact surface provides high power 
transmissions in the area of entry- and retention force. The 15° clamping surface ensures an involuntary opening of the Clamping system by self-locking.
3 Insertion radius
The big radius facilitates the damage free manual loading operation and the placing of the Clamping knob.
4 Locating Boss
Standard centering: Dia. 25mm, Length 5mm
Special diameters and lengths are available on request.
5 Fixation
Standard fixation: M12 inside the knob as well as step bores for thru fixation M10.
Additional thread sizes: M16 and M20 in the knob as well as step bores for thru fixation M12 and M16.
6 Indexing
As an indexing by fixation of the internal thread, a hexagon form is included in the Clamping knob.