UNILOCK 5-Axis clamping system function

The UNILOCK 5-axis clamping system provides a perfect clamping way for complex work pieces. Due to its media-free and manual operation, it simplifies assembling as well as implementation. 
Important facts regarding the system are described as follow:

1 Clamping knob
The UNILOCK Clamping knob  
conects work pieces, devices or clamping 
pallets with the UNILOCK Clamping chuck. 
Clamping knob mounting methods  
depend on the work piece weight or  
the machining process. The use of an  
appropriate screw dimension should  
be guaranteed.

2 Reduction
Reductions offer the advantage of clamping  
workpieces with a limited supporting  
surface. By using reductions, a better  
workpiece accessibility can be reached.
3 Assembly chuck
Assembly chucks are available in different 
lengths to reach the required operation  
height. In combination with two or  
more chucks, different construction  
heights can be built up.
4 Base chuck
Base chucks are mounted on machine  
tables and presented as the foundation  
of the UNILOCK 5-Axis series.  
Due to flexible  mounting systems,  
base chucks can be placed on almost  
all machine table types. 
In addition, all 5-Axis Base chucks are  
available as indexed versions. This hardened 
indexing is provided as a fitted key 10h7. 
5 Operation
The operation of 5-Axis Systems are  
media-free and manual with the help  
of a torque wrench.  
Over a Thread spindle both  
clamping wedges open or close.  
Please note a maximum  
tightening torque of 15Nm.

6 Fixation
Mounting and assembly can be realised  
easily with different given fixation  
versions for the 5-Axis System.