UNILOCK Clamping knob mounting variations

There are many mounting possibiliteis for different applications. UNILOCK Standard Clamping knobs are assemblied with norm screws and for UNILOCK Clamping knobs with centering hole, UNILOCK Pass screws in different sizes are provided. 

Standard Clamping knobs
Standard Clamping knobs can be fixed in three different possibilities by using norm screws.
  1. Assembling with grub screw DIN 913
  2. Assembling with screw DIN 912,  
    through the Clamping knob
  3. Assembling with screw DIN 912 through devices or work pieces

Clamping knob with integrated thread
For mounting possibilities with the Clamping knob itself, special sizes of the centering and the thread are available on request.

Clamping knob with centering hole
These Clamping knobs can be assembled by using various UNILOCK pass screws. They are mounted through the Clamping knob and centered over a precision thread or a precision-pass diameter. UNILOCK pass screws are available for many different applications.

We support the Clamping knob UL800.153 with pass screws having a pass diameter of 12mm und the  Clamping knob UL800.152 with pass screws having a pass diameter of 16mm.

Clamping knobs for T-Slot
UNILOCK Clamping knobs for T-Slot-Installation have a central pass-surface for assembling and orientation in T-Slot tables. They are availabe in standard sizes 14, 18 and 22. Special sizes can be offered on request.