MAGNET Clamping plates ST control units

ST Control units are produced at latest state-of-the-art. They are all short-circuit-proofed and equipped with a power management to control the complete magnetization. Optionally single plates or whole tables can be switched. The integration into the machine control center is easily possible. The item ST 211 Grind is equipped with an 8-stage-retention force regulation as well as with a special demagnetize cycle for the operation of grinding plates. 

The mentioned shortcuts for the control units in the tables below help to find the right control unit for each magnet clamping plate. These shortcuts are also listed at the magnet clamping plate sites.

All magnet clamping plate control units have the following technical data:
  • Output voltage Impulse
  • Housing IP 44 / protection class 1
  • 100% ED, 0-40°C
  • Release contact for machine security

MAGNET Clamping plates control unit ST 120

Connection voltage : 230V 50HZ 16A / Plug: Ergon
Input: 2m + Schuko / Output: pipe

Shortcut Ident. No. Description
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Weight(kg)Cable length
ST 120 ER1401508023

MAGNET Clamping plates control unit ST 211/212/214

Connection voltage: 400V 50HZ 25A 
Plug ST 211 ER: Ergon 
Plug ST 211 FEME, ST 212 FEME: FEME 4pol 
Plug ST 214 FEME: FEME 7pol 
Input: 3m + 32 A CEE / Output: pipe

Shortcut Ident. No.Description
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (kg)Cable length
ST 211 ER33127585115
ST 211 FEME331275 8511 6
ST 212 FEME331 275 8511 6
ST 214 FEME331 275 8511 6