Over the years we have become specialists in the development of progressive solutions.

The core competence of innotool austria is the construction and development of new products. 
Thanks to our flexible production structure and long-time production experience we
are able to respond quickly on possible market changes.

The assembly is another important bearer of technology in our company, 
all our products are assembled, tested and shipped from our main facilities in Altach, Austria.
This ensures a consistent quality standard in all our products.

Our history

At the beginning the TOOLSET Measuring systems and TOOLFIX assembly systems were produced, presented on international exhibitions and sold worldwide. Till today these products lines are essential elements of our product range.

Since the year 1996 we have kept on innovating the manufacturing of clamping devices through our UNILOCK brand. This zero-point clamping system was the first of its kind with a pneumatic drive and was developed for heavy-duty, high-precision machining and trend-setting cone centering. Due to the unique construction of the solid UNILOCK clamping knob, high retention forces could be achieved right from the start. The proven clamping knob outline has not been changed until today, that is the reason why the whole UNILOCK clamping system remained compatible and reliable since it’s start.

In 1997 the UNILOCK MSM 170 clamping chuck was presented at the EMO international exhibition with great success due to its technology. This chuck stands as a guidepost for the extensive UNILOCK Zeropoint clamping system of today.

As well, since 1997, we develop and produce at the charming location of Altach, Vorarlberg. Our company has two production halls, a mineral casting hall and various assembly areas.