UNILOCK Clamping stations

Standard Clamping stations

Our Clamping stations include the proven ESM 138 Installation clamping chuck and are available in different sizes for immediate mounting on the machine table. Lose- and turbo function as well as central adjustment boreholes are included. With a standard inside micrometer of 200mm from pallets, magnetic clamping plates to vices and devices everything can be clamped within seconds.

In addition we provide on request mounting holes especially for your machine table.

UNILOCK Clamping station types

Ident. No. Description
Amount of chucks
type ESM 138
LengthWidthHeight (incl.
ESM 138) 
Inside micrometer 
MLM 150 1 Stk 198mm 150mm 56mm -
UL500.054DLM 200
2 Stk 400mm 200mm 60mm 200mm
UL500.050MCM 150 1 Stk 198mm 150mm56mm 
UL500.058DCM 200 2 Stk 400mm 200mm 56mm200mm 
UL500.067QLM 400
4 Stk400mm   400mm  60mm 200mm
UL500.900 R 1
1 Stk 196mm 196mm 61mm -
R 22 Stk 396mm 196mm 61mm 200mm
UL500.902R 33 Stk 596mm 196mm 61mm 200mm
UL500.903R 44 Stk 396mm 396mm 61mm 200mm
UL500.904R 66 Stk 596mm 396mm 61mm 200mm
UL500.905R 88 Stk 796mm 396mm 61mm 200mm
UL500.906R 1010 Stk996mm396mm61mm200mm


Special Clamping stations

Each machine table has its special characteristics and its special part range which we like to include in our development. Through our standardized process it is possible for us to produce your special Clamping station with a short delivery time.