UNILOCK Clamping pallets

Standard Clamping pallets without ROC Mineral cast

In steel or aluminum available Clamping pallets are designed for a fast device assembly and are delivered including clamping knobs and handles. They fit for UNILOCK Clamping stations as well as for installed or assembled UNILOCK chucks with an inside micrometer of 200mm.

UNILOCK Clamping pallet types 

Ident. No. Description
Amount Clamping knob
Inisde micrometer  
SPA 2001 Stk 199mm 199mm 20mm 200mm
UL500.186SPA 400
2 Stk 399mm 199mm 20mm 200mm
UL500.187SPQ 400
4 Stk399mm   399mm  20mm 200*200mm
UL500.185APA 2001 Stk 199mm 199mm 25mm 200mm
APA 400
2 Stk 399mm 199mm 25mm 200mm
UL500.189APQ 400
4 Stk 399mm 399mm 25mm 200*200mm


Grid Clamping pallets with ROC Mineral cast

Specifically tailored to the requirements of the new machining centers, we offer Grid Clamping pallets with ROC Mineral cast filling and a steel surface on the top of the pallet for a better stability and wear protection. 

The Grid Clamping pallet is with ROC specifications about 50% lighter than a comparable steel Grid Clamping pallet. The excellent damping characteristics support a careful operation for workpiece and machine center. Clamping pallets in special sizes are of course available upon request.

innotool austria Grid Clamping pallet types 

Ident. No. Description
 Bushing ThreadLengthWidthHeight
Grid clamping pallets50 12F7 M12300mm 300mm 50mm
MG100.027Grid clamping pallets
50  12F7  M12 400mm 400mm 50mm
MG100.028Grid clamping pallets
50  12F7  M12 500mm   500mm  50mm
MG100.029Grid clamping pallets
50  12F7  M12 630mm 630mm 55mm
Grid clamping pallets50  12F7  M12 800mm 800mm 60mm
MG100.031Grid clamping pallets 50  12F7  M12 300mm 300mm 50mm
MG100.032Grid clamping pallets 50  12F7  M12 400mm 600mm 55mm
MG100.033  Grid clamping pallets  50  12F7  M12 500mm 750mm 60mm


Special Clamping pallets

Each part range requires its own devices or its own setup procedure. For an efficient use of the UNILOCK system we offer in addition the development of special Clamping pallets and fixtures. Coordinated with your production process, we work for your flexibility.