UNILOCK Clamping knob structure

For an individual, flexible as well as precise use of  UNILOCK Clamping knobs, different Clamping knob types are offered. Hereinafter the differences of our four main Clamping knob versions are explained.

Standard clamping knob
Due to different centering collar length of 5mm, 10mm and 15mm, individual applications can be realised. A Standard centering diameter of 25mm is available for thread sizes M12, M16 and M20. For existing centering holes, Clamping knobs has been developed with different centering diameters of 16mm, 18mm and 20mm using a standard centering colar length of 5mm.

Mounting possibility: with norm screw from device or Clamping knob side.

Clamping knob with integrated thread 
Especially for heavy machining operations, two special Clamping knobs are developed. Firstly with centering diameter 25mm, centering collar length 15mm and integrated outside thread M16. Secondly with centering diameter 32mmm centering collar length 30mm an interated outside thread M24.

Mounting possibility: directly with integrated thread knob.

Clamping knob with centering hole 
For direct mounting into the work piece or on grid plates, these Clamping knobs can be fixed precisely. 

Mounting possibility: depends on each application, assembling with different pass screws.

Clamping knobs for T-Slot  
For an easy fixation of Clamping knobs on current T-Slot machine tables, special Clamping knobs are offered for Nuts 14, 18 and 22.

Mounting possibility: directly with slot nuts and mounting screws (included in our scope of delivery).