UNILOCK Automation Function

1 Clamping ring
The high-precision, play-free UNILOCK Automation Clamping rings are made out of hardened steel and suitable for solid applications.

4 Piston
The UNILOCK piston includes high-quality sealing elements and knee lever operation, which ensures a balanced movement of the slide wedges.

2 Body
UNILOCK Automation chucks are manufactured in different versions, according to their application. 
Material: steel, hardened, corrosion-resistant.

5 Springs
Springs made out of fatigue-resisting quality steel 
ensure the preservation of clamping force without 
air pressure assistance.
3 Slide Wedges
Solid slide wedges are made out of high-tensile steel and hardened for a save locking function of the Clamping knob.

Operation air connection

UNILOCK chucks have two air connection possibilities. There is a threaded port one on the side and an
o-ring  sealed counterbored port on the bottom. UNILOCK Automation chucks have air connections from the bottom.

For an essential increase of the pulling force, UNILOCK Clamping chucks offer a 'Turbo Effect' over a double acting cylinder. This Effect increases clamping force, depending on the air pressure that assists the force of the springs. During a turbo-lock operation, the piston bottom is supplemented with compressed air.

Basically, all UNILOCK chucks have a 'Turbo Effect' when a plumbed and sealed bottom-side
is provided.