UNILOCK Automation clamping units

UNILOCK Automation clamping units are made out of steel and can be assembled on any autonomous clamping location. With a powerful clamping location, they are suitable for immediate use. These UNILOCK Automation clamping units have four clamping wedges as well as four hardened and grinded centering units included. The media performance for a clamping device operation is provided. 

As a counterpart to UNILOCK Automation clamping units we also offer clamping pallets for every clamping unit. In most cases we are manufacturing clamping pallets after customers requirements.

UNILOCK Automation clamping unit types

Ident. No.DescriptionLengthWidthHeightQuestioning
Blow-off function Turbo 
ASSF 170
 164mm164mm 71mm xxx
ASSF 250
 210mm210mm 66mm xxx