UNILOCK Automation clamping rings / centering devices

These centering elements guarantee a high-precision pallet positioning for single and multiple chuck applications. Single UNILOCK Automation chucks are oriented and supported with external centering devices. The big advantage here is in the planar cone contact with integrated blow-off-functions at both, the chuck and the external orientation and support devices. 

Every UNILOCK Automation clamping chuck has its own Clamping rings.
There use and handling is for all versions the same.

UNILOCK Automation clamping ring types

Ident. No. Description
knob type
ESA 110 ESA 125 ESA 185ASSF 170+250
Clamping knob kit including:
1x SBA 40-25-5-12, 1x SBB 40-25-5-12, 2xSBC 40-25-5-12, 4x Support ring hardened 70*5mm
 UL500.721Support ring 70*5mm, hardened
 UL500.701SRA 110, Clamping ring complete A  x   
 UL500.702SRB 110, Clamping ring complete  B  x   
 UL500.703SRC 110, Clamping ring complete C  x   
 UL500.174SRA 125, Clamping ring complete  A   x  
 UL500.175SRB 125, Clamping ring complete  B   x  
 UL500.176SRC 125, Clamping ring complete  C   x  
SRA 185, Clamping ring complete
 A    x 
SRB 185, Clamping ring complete
 B    x 
SRC 185, Clamping ring complete
 C    x 
ASR 170, Clamping ring complete


UNILOCK Automation centering devices

Ident. No.Description
Centering base - Clamping unit, for UNILOCK Centering devices
Centering base - Palett, for UNILOCK Centering devices
Sealing air nozzle, for UNILOCK Centering devices